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10 Design Tips: How to "Hygge" at Home

"The art of creating intimacy." or "A feeling of home." - This is hygge.

I have traveled to parts of Scandinavia and have found the air, landscape and minimalist lifestyle incredibly inspiring.

I am fascinated by their approach to design, living and wellness and want to offer my professional design tips to better achieve hygge at home.

If you want to create a hyggelig space at home then you should focus on these core elements!

My 10 design tips & hygge wishlist:

1. Lighting

2. Things Made of Wood

3. Vintage

4. Ceramics

5. Tactile Textures

6. Blankets & Cushions

7. Nature

8. Fireplace

9. Candles

10. Books

Wick by Graypants

Eggcup Stool by Mark Tuckey

Vintage Figure Studies by Jayson home & Garden

Hammershøi Teapot 1,2

Moon Rug by Binibamba

Plaited Effect Blanket by Zara Home

Dried Natural Wheat Grass Bouquet by Magnolia

Suspended Fireplace by Fireorb

Voluspa Maison Candle by Anthropologie

The Little Book by Hygge by Meik Wiking

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, comments or would like a consultation!

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