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4 ways you can add an archway into your home

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

In my opinion, nothing is more inspiring than travel. During my last trip to Greece, I found myself capturing one specific architectural element: Archways

Archways are a true symbol of the Mediterranean. I know many people including myself don't happen to live in the Mediterranean, but that shouldn't stop you from adding these style and influences from the region into your home.

The major question is, how do you include an archway into your interior design without punching out walls or doorframes? Well, I have good news! You can add an architectural element like an archway without having to do any construction.

Here are 4 easy, cost effective ways you can add an archway into your interior design.

Images sourced via Pinterest


If you are on a tight budget or unable to do construction then consider these 4 ways to add an archway into your home.

If you happen to visit any Mediterranean countries in the future, keep an eye out for archways. I promise you will find many!


Which of the 4 archway ideas would you likely try? Which Mediterranean countries do you find inspiring? Feel free to leave a comment!

- Stephanie

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