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Where to source beautiful Australian lighting

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Long story short, I lived in Perth, which is on the west coast of Australia. During my three years there I spent time visiting Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

Overall, I felt very connected to the city life in Melbourne. Melbourne offers three things I can't get enough of; authentic Greek food, cafe culture and designer lighting!

Lighting is a key ingredient of good design, but also a specification that can often get overlooked by home owners or business owners. Lighting affects not only the perceived size of a room but also changes the ambience, your mood and how you use the space.

Below are four of my favorite Australian lighting designs.

Out of these four designs; what works for you?

1 - Stack Up & Wall Stack 3 by Volkerhaug

These wall sconces add amazing linear framework. I love the pyramid, tired shape as well because it reminds me of an upside evergreen tree. The fixtures are minimal yet architectural!

Wall Stack Up provides ambient lighting to walls and ceiling.

Materials: Polished, bronzed brass or steel

Finishes: Raw, satin lacquer, chrome plating or powder coat


2 - No.11 & No.21 by Apparentt

Designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. These small scale pendants are made to order with solid American oak. They are great if you're looking for a touch of timber or want add some playful elements to your space.


3 - Saya by Rakumba

Drawing inspiration from Asia, this wall sconce is an amazing example of modern simplicity and minimalism. I just love how effortless this design feels. The fixture is available for both indoor or outdoor use!


4 - Nebulae Vertical & Horizontal Chandelier by Ross Gardam

This geometric design is cool and would fit into any mid-century modern inspired space. Nebulae’s discs are available in a textured, bubbled black glass, white pearl or a fluted clear glass, each creating a unique light dispersion.

These designs are accessible to anyone, anywhere! If you have any questions about these lighting products or need suggestions for your home or office, feel free to comment or contact me for a FREE consultation!

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