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Bali, Indonesia

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

I went to Bali not too long ago, while I was living in Australia. From Perth to Bali is a three hour flight so it's very common for Aussies to take regular holidays to Indonesia.

The weather is crazy humid, so I was in a constant state of sweating. Honestly, it was kind of amazing because I felt like I was in a natural state of detox!

Beautiful view from Uluwatu.....

Visit to the Rice Terraces in Ubud...

What impacted me the most about Bali was the philosophy behind the architecture.

Balinese building design is based on spiritual concepts that define form and proportion. Think lots of open space, communal areas for social relationships and tropical gardens.

Designers use local materials to help construct buildings, structures, and houses, as well as reflecting local tradition. All of these traditional elements and guidelines made it so easy to feel happy, relaxed and connected to the surroundings. There is an endless amount of natural colors, textures, patterns and sculptures.

I climbed a volcano at 4am (with a local guide) to see the Sunrise and it was stunning!

Check out more of my travels on my YouTube Channel.

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