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Northern California, USA

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

In between moving Continents (from Australia to Europe) I stopped in the US to reconnect with some friends and family.

I brought along some of my family to join me on my trip to northern California. My dad was celebrating a milestone birthday this year so I thought why not treat him and my mom to a nice holiday. (After all, they deserve it!)

While in San Francisco, we visited numerous art galleries (my parents have been avid collectors for years) and design showrooms like Fireclay Tile.

San Francisco has an expansive design district including all premier showrooms and a Design Center. The heart of the district is Townsend and Henry Adams street.

My creativity comes from my dad, who used to run an audio + visual studio in Chicago. I like to bring him along when I have final installations or interior photoshoots because it is fun to hang out together but I also value his professional input. He will always be super honest with me!

Our Travel Destinations Included:

San Francisco

Redwood National Park


St. Helena (Wine Country)

Napa Valley (Wine Country)

Sonoma Valley (Wine Country)

More from Wine Country

I was so inspired by all the nature. The landscape design is legit!

We stayed at the newly renovated, boutique hacienda hotel in Napa Valley called Rancho Caymus. We absolutely loved our stay here. I can't wait to go back!

The hotel had classic California style. The exterior featured hand made, colorful mosaic tiles which added a lot of character to the outside of the building. The bedrooms included custom doors made out of same local Redwood we saw during our visit to the Redwood National Park.

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