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Pacific Northwest, USA

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Before settling into a new dynamic in Germany, I took three months off to travel around the USA. The PNW has been at the top of my list for years!

I wanted to take this time to slow life down, explore new places and find inspiration.

I honestly feel like I am a city person, a water person and a mountain person. I love it all! Both Washington and Oregon were filled with unique city energy, great cafe culture and natural beauty. It felt really good to connect to another environment and lifestyle.

Top 3 Highlights from Seattle, Washington:

1. Evergreen Trees (I've always loved the smell.)

2. Mt. Rainier (Booked a guided tour and ended up snow shoeing up the mountain with my fiancé. The snow was bright white and beautiful.)

3. Mt. Zion (All that effort hiking up the mountain is definitely worth the view!)

Top 3 Highlights from Portland, Oregon:

1. Waterfalls (Booked a guided tour that included hiking and biking to see 6 waterfalls.)

2. International Rose Test Garden (Beautiful Garden Park filled with vibrant colors.)

3. Moody, misty weather (It's a vibe!)

Check out more of my travels featured on my YouTube channel.

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