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Design Tips: 4 Ways to Decorate for Fall

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Fall (or Autumn for the southern hemisphereans) is my favorite season.

In North America there is a whole culture surrounding pumpkin patches, mulled wine, cozy sweaters and fireplace-lit rooms designed to hibernate in.

Every year, I admire the change in nature and fashion when the Fall season approaches. I look forward to this time when I can make some changes at home in both scenery and style, featuring some new Fall-inspired interior decor.

I focus on playing with seasonal patterns, bringing in natural textures and colors, incorporating extra lighting to set a softer mood and showcasing some vintage pieces I've collected from years past.

Take advantage of this time by incorporating earthy colors, scents, energy and coziness into your home. Sometimes all it takes to impact a space is a thoughtful, soft change.

You can reinvent your space with design and decor as simple as patterned table linens, wooden trays or wicker baskets, small table lamps or even vintage leather bound books.

Here are a few things to consider:

How do you want to spend the Fall season at home?

Which traditions and memories are important to you?

Do you have any furniture, blankets or decor in storage?

Will you be entertaining friends at home?

Do you spend much time cooking?

With the answers to these questions in mind, hopefully my four tips below will help guide you towards some fun ideas that work for you!


Feel free to play with pattern in small or large scale. Items like table linens, blankets or pillows can make a soft but impressionable change.

Just like the seasons, design is not permanent. Therefore, you should have fun and enjoy the change.

Plaid Tablecloth | Paisley Blanket | Botanical Dishware | Floral Linen Tablecloth | Pillow


I am a big advocate of utilizing natural materials. I suggest you bring in real botanicals, leathers and woods to create an authentic, earthy environment.

Spend time outside and be mindful of what materials you are drawn to. Let your taste and experience influence your own space.


It doesn't matter if you are sitting at home reading a book or entertaining 12 guests for dinner, you should always consider setting the mood with lighting.

Lighting is fundamental in design, since it can influence a person's behavior and emotions while also transforming a room in space and size.

Soft lighting from a table or floor lamp is a functional and beautiful way to create coziness for you and your guests.


The beautiful thing about vintage furniture and decor is that they exist to tell a story in your space. Keep in mind, not all vintage pieces come with big price tags, keep a look out for great pieces year round!

If you feel more comfortable starting small; create art with old photographs, or pick up collection of old books or distressed serving trays.

It's important to collect pieces that speak to you. I often find pieces when I travel, but even when just walking around my city sometimes it's a great idea to pop into a vintage store along the way to my destination. A 5 minute detour can absolutely be worth it if you find a bargain!


I hope this post is inspiring! Leave a comment below or on my instagram if you love decorating for fall as well.

I would love to hear which of these four Fall decorating tips you enjoy most.

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