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Design Tips: 4 Ways to Set the Table for Fall

I grew up in Chicago as did Maggie from Once Upon a Pumpkin.

We share a love for the Fall season, entertaining at home, apple cider donuts and traditional trips to the pumpkin patch.

A couple months ago, Maggie from @onceuponapumpkin came out with her new cookbook!

The cookbook includes fun, creative meals for the Fall season that are perfect for a dinner gathering at home.

In my opinion, the dining environment and table setting is just as important as the food on the menu.

As I embrace the Fall season and safely host intimate gatherings at home, I set the tone with my favorite recipes from the cookbook but also emphasize on setting the table which includes focusing on these four design factors:

  1. Play with Pattern

  2. Bring the Outside In

  3. Incorporate Soft Lighting

  4. Invest in Vintage

I want my friends and family to enjoy the festive food but also feel an emotional reaction to the setting and find comfort and happiness in the space.

You can reinvent your table setting with design and decor as simple as patterned table linens, natural wooden cheese boards, soft candle light or even vintage serving trays.

Here are a few things to consider:

Which colors and patterns do you enjoy during the Fall season?

Which traditions and memories are important to you?

Which outdoor elements make you happy or relaxed ?

Which moods and emotions do you want to evoke during the dinner party?

Which items can you reuse again next season or next year?

With the answers to these questions in mind, hopefully my four tips below will help guide you towards some fun ideas that work for you!

I love the idea of a bold, large check tablecloth pattern juxtaposed against a fine lined, elegant leaf pattern as shown on the plates above.

Balancing scale and shape is fun but often a practice of trial and error.

I think it's important to pick patterns and colors that speak to you and really have fun mixing and matching materials.

Take a moment to think about what you love about the outdoors. Is it the colors or textures? I love the idea of recreating a space to feel like you are still enjoying the outside elements but in the comfort of your own space.

Do you have travel memories from the Fall? These bistro chairs are iconic and offers a sense of European flair.

I love the idea of bringing in a literal outdoor urn to use on the dining table. Be bold and play around with larger scales.

Wooden place-card holders are a simple and affordable way to add natural texture and a personal touch.

Soften the mood and arrange for one or two lamps to sit on the table. Keep in mind that it's best to utilize a lamp that does not require a cord.

Mood lighting pairs perfectly with a great conversation and colorful dishes.

I love vintage! These items I've selected are diverse but functional. Each piece, even a set of brass candlesticks can add unique character and life to the table setting.

Vintage design and decor has a way of telling a story simply with its age. Pick pieces that speak to you and your mood. Keep your selections personal in order to create a unique environment.


I hope this post is inspiring! Leave a comment below or on my instagram if you love decorating for fall as well.

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