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Eye-Catching Finds: My Top Design Picks of the Month

Updated: May 26

I couldn't resist noticing these distinctive design furnishings. Each piece exudes a sense of classic timelessness! The materiality and thought-provoking influence behind each item are unmistakable. Each design evokes memories of the Mediterranean, my greatest source of inspiration.

If you're drawn to the sun seeker lifestyle, consider elevating your space with Mediterranean materiality. Opt for organic and natural finishes like terracotta, iron, linen, and cotton to truly capture the essence of coastal living.

  1. Sonora Lamp by Nassi lamps

  2. Outdoor Lounge Settee by Atrio

  3. Annette bolster pillow by Elle la

  4. Vessels linen fabric by Studio Four NYC

  5. Outdoor Lounge Chair by Atrio

Do you consider yourself a sun seeker as well? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Stay tuned for next month's edit!

Caio, Stephanie


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