• Stephanie Tselekis

How to Make Feta Cheese Flatbread

My Fiancé, Luke joined me in the kitchen this week. We made authentic Tiganopita me feta! (Feta Cheese Flatbread/Pancake)

Tiganopita is the name used for various quick Greek flatbreads that are fried on top of the stove or cooked in the oven. The classic Greek dish is best served as an appetizer.

The recipe has only 6 ingredients and bakes within 30 minutes! I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to make an easy Greek dish full of mediterranean flavor!

I may not be the best chef in the kitchen (yet), but with a little practice I know I will make my family proud!

Cooking is one of those things that is part of life, whatever you make, however long it takes...it will taste delicious with meraki (doing something with soul, creativity, or love)!

This weeks video release:

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