• Stephanie Tselekis

Mindful Monday: My Morning Routine

Updated: Apr 2

Long story short, I was a college student 12 years ago when, out of nowhere, I developed IBS. I contracted an infection in my small intestine which led to almost two years of chronic gut pain.

I had a decent handle on things in Chicago up until I moved across the world from the USA to Australia.

I struggled a fair bit while living in Australia due to the severe change in climate, stress and lack of movement (most people drive versus walking). All these factors drastically altered my emotional and physical well being.

I developed hair loss, weight gain, mood swings you name it. After 3+ years I realized I tried my best, made many mistakes as a first time expat but felt it was best to make a change and move somewhere new.

Now, here I am in Berlin, Germany, living as an expat for the second time! I am trying to learn from my mistakes, therefore, I am actively more thoughtful about how I start my day, what I first put into my body and how much movement I create in the morning.

It didn't take long for me to start to feel so much better each day because of the these small yet intensional activities I applied to each morning.