• Stephanie Tselekis

My Backpack Travel Essentials

I am pretty minimal when it comes to travel essentials, however, I never board a flight, train or travel bus (short or long) without these amazing products.

I have been using the same Topo Designs Rover Pack Classic Backpack for the last 6 years!

Topo Designs is manufactured in Colorado, USA and has a huge collection of items for travel, adventure, hiking and outdoor apparel. The backpack has multiple pockets and can expand if you really need to pack a lot in.

I make it a rule to NEVER wear makeup on a plane. I am always trying to hydrate my skin and keep my immune system up with lots of water. I drink so much water that I insist on sitting in the aisle seat! My essential items really impact my skin and hair.

1. Frank Green Water Bottle

This is the only water bottle I have ever had that has never leaked! It is brilliant and manufactured in Australia. Th filtered cap can be swapped out for different colors and the whole bottle can go in the dishwasher. The water bottle fits perfectly on the side pocket of my Topo Designs backpack.

2. Slip Sleep Mask

I am a light sleeper so sadly I can't get any real rest on a plane without this silk mask! I worked in textiles for many years so I prefer to have silk rather than cotton or polyester because silk will not absorb moisture and is hypoallergenic. It will cost more than the typical cotton or polyester mask but I feel it's absolutely worth it!

3. Aesop Shine Hair Oil

I started to use this oil when I lived in Australia because I was constantly swimming in the ocean and the salt and sun would dry out my hair. I bring it along on every plane ride as well now because not only does my skin feel dry but also my hair. I drop a little "Shine" oil into the palm of my hand and run it through the ends my hair to add nourishment and softness. Just a reminder tho, a little drop goes a long way.

4. Aesop Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol

I use this light, facial spray most often during the winter when the air is dry but also right after I get off a plane especially during a layover. If I know I can't properly freshen up in a bathroom I will just spritz this on my face to hold me over. The main ingredients are rose blossom, bergamot bowl and chamomile bud. I feel immediately refreshed!