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Outdoor Furniture: What works for you?

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Here is some friendly design advise, do not wait until Summer to source outdoor furniture!

Many, amazing outdoor furniture brands are manufactured in Europe, therefore, lead time for product is typically 8-12 weeks (3-4 months!) I know it seems long but this is the standard.

Below are three of my favorite outdoor furniture collections. I used to work regularly with these three brands when I lived in Australia so I can say with experience that they have great quality control for diverse weather conditions and look fantastic in person.

"The garden furniture of France"

If you have ever visited Europe then you have crossed paths with Fermob and most likely the iconic "bistro" chair!

This Parisian brand is known for bringing colorful garden furniture to the café or the park.

In recent years, the collection has expanded its color range and influenced more modern day pieces like sofas, sun beds, bar carts and outdoor lamps.


"The garden furniture of Italy"

There are so many diverse items within the brand that offer a look and feel of luxury.

The brand is suited for residential or hospitality environments.

For years now, I am still the biggest fan of the Studio Chairs! They resemble a directors chair.

Studio Collection

Phorma Collection

This setting has a 60s vibe with the chunky frame and oversized seating. Very loungey!

Allaperto Mountain Collection

The Allaperto collection comes in a multiple finishes, however, I think the mountain cabin finish is so fun. The plaid textile pattern really sets the vibe.


"Premium Aussie Outdoor Furniture"

Tait feels flirty and lighthearted! The collection plays with color and pattern which I really enjoy but overall it suits a person who wants to live that indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

I am a sucker for a 60 or 70s moment so I am a big fan of the retro Tidal Collection below.

More of my favorites from the brand....

1. Trace Sun lounge

2. Trace Drinks Trolly

3. Element Fire Pit

4. Pick n Mix

Which is the three outdoor brands works for you?

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