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Product Review: The Latest in Lighting

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

For several years, I have struggled to find quality lighting, specifically swing arm wall lamps at cost effective price points. During my latest research, I stumbled across this beautiful lighting brand called Wo and Wé .

This collection of handcrafted, industrial style lighting is made in Lyon, France.

Valentine - 839€ Ondulation - 799€ Anvers - 879€

Scroll below to to read why it's this months brand highlight!


Highlight #1: My First Impressions

Instantly, I thought "sculptural!" Lighting is such an important key element to creating a livable space that it needs to be functional but it can also offer so much artistic value. The whole collection offers this simple yet stylish look.

I love the fact that the double arm wall lamps have varied arm lengths which creates movement. The "Ondulation," double arm lamp reminded me of a trombone instrument which was unique and fun!

Ondulation Double Arm - 799€

Highlight #2: Accessibility

Wo and Wé lighting is designed and made in Lyon, France, however, the collection is available for worldwide shipping! ALSO, the price points are cost effective. All of these light fixtures are under 1,000 euro!

Valentine - 839€ (the pair) Adjustable - 599€ Marianne - 429€

Highlight #3: Pros and Cons


  1. Quality, hand made lighting

  2. Cost effective price points

  3. Ships via UPS anywhere in the world

  4. Lighting parts can be altered (plug ins, wired to the wall, arm lengths, etc)

  5. Variety of lamp shades to choose from (you can mix and match)

  6. You can visit the workshop in France via appointment

  7. Lead time is 2-6 weeks


  1. The collection is only available to see and purchase online

  2. Unable to receive finish samples


Lamp Shade Options


Highlight #4: The Final thoughts

It's not easy to find quality craftsmanship, worldwide shipping and accessible price points, trust me, I've been doing the research for the last decade. The variety of lamp shades to choose from is amazing, you can mix and match if you use a double or triple arm fixture.

With that said, the Wo and Wé collection feels special. The lighting designs are timeless. There are plenty of "industrial," style light fixtures out there but this collection is refined and thoughtful.

Finally, and I say this all the time, invest in quality lighting! Depending on the size of your project, lighting can definitely add up so be patient. No shame in waiting for what you truly want!


Are you currently searching for new lighting? What did you think of this brand?

Leave a comment below, I'd like to know your thoughts!

- Stephanie

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