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Product Review: Quality furniture made in the Mediterranean

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

I first was introduced to Viccarbe back in 2016. I was fortunate enough to spend time with the owners of the company as well as test a variety of products in person. Many furniture pieces were used in projects that I worked on throughout Australia.

The company and design manufacturing is based in the beautiful mediterranean in a town just outside of Valencia, Spain, however, it is represented in designer showrooms across the globe.

The multi-faceted brand has a large collection of chairs, armchairs, stools, sofas, tables and side tables both indoor and outdoor. If you have a project for your home, your office, a new restaurant or a retail store business there are many reasons why you should take a closer look at Viccarbe.

There are so many reasons why "commercially" marketed brands like Viccarbe make for some of the best options for residential spaces. For instance, the craftsmanship and upholstery used on Viccarbe furniture is designed for high levels of use, therefore, if you active kids running and jumping around on your furniture, pets or host a lot of family parties then this is a great solution.

Also, now more than ever, people are spending more time working from home so the commercial grade design and durability of Viccarbe furniture will make your home office design more functional and long lasting.

Season Chair (from 550€) and Maarten Table (from 567€)

Collaborative Working Space

Season Chair (from 550€)

Residential & Hospitality Space


Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the collection for the

Home Space:


Hightlight #1: My First Impressions

When I first saw a number of the pieces in the collection, I thought, "It looks really nice, but how does it feel?" Happy to report that the products are incredibly comfortable even for hours at a time.

Hightlight #2: Accessibility

Piece of advice, I suggest you contact a professional interior designer to guide you through options to visit a showroom, get samples or make a purchase. Viccarbe is not a retail/e-commerce business but the website does list catalogs, 2d/3d files for architects and designers to implement into their designs as well as an extensive image gallery.

Highlight #3: Pros and Cons


  1. Suitable for private or public spaces

  2. Commercial grade quality design and materials

  3. Lead time for orders: Non-upholstered 5 business days | Upholstered 15 business days

  4. Company supports manufacturing with environmental sustainability

  5. Great access to computer files and image gallery to help visual products


  1. Limited locations of showroom to visit

Hightlight #4: My Final thoughts

Viccarbe is a reliable, high quality brand that I wish was seen more in private residential spaces. The seating choices for dining and remote working are refreshing and


Have you heard of Viccarbe prior to reading this post? Do you think you would use any of these pieces in your home or home office?

Leave a comment blow, I'd like to know your thoughts and connect!

- Stephanie


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