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Taking Design to the Next Level: The Attic Renovation

I often save images on my phone or on pinterest with a project in mind. This weeks studio inspiration was for a client who have two young kids. My clients are well traveled and have an avid appreciation for midcentury furniture.

Their project is an attic renovation. Their family is growing and needs more space so the unused attic will now be converted to include a primary bedroom, closet, seating area and bathroom.

Floor Plan


Image source via

A Summer Day Cafe, Etsy Sputnik Lighting, Arch Daily Kew House, Pinterest


Before I even start the design process or collect inspiration to present, I meet with my client at least 1-3 times. I prefer to set meetings in the environment that will be worked on. I come prepared with many questions and spend time observing my client and their families in their home.

Design is essentially a science so it is important to learn how someone lives and functions within those four walls. I pay attention to how they cook in the kitchen, where they store items, what furniture their kids like to use as well as what seems to be lacking for them in order to function more efficiently.

Stay tuned for more updates on the attic renovation!


I'm curious, what is your favorite design style? Do you like midcentury furniture or lighting? Where do you get your inspiration? Feel free to leave a comment!

- Stephanie

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