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Winter Warmth: Embrace Layered Comfort in Interior Design

This month's Cheekis Edit was inspired by the beauty of winter layers! Living in Perth, where we only have two distinct seasons—summer and winter—I enjoy switching things up twice a year. When the ocean and leaves begin to shift in color, I know it's the perfect time to mix things up at home.

I've mentioned this in previous posts, but I'm expecting my second baby soon—very soon! As I approach the end of my pregnancy, I'm relieved that winter has finally arrived here in Perth. Despite feeling warm and waddling around, I can actually enjoy adding layers to both my wardrobe and home decor.

To me, the coziest and most inviting spaces are those with layers. I love incorporating organic materials and textures, such as wood, glass, and various fabrics, often mixing patterns for added depth. With the sun setting earlier, mood lighting becomes essential as well. Instead of overhead lighting, I prefer using quality wall lights and floor or table lamps, which makes decorating even more enjoyable

When pieces like the wall sconce and geometric shape in the wool rug echo each other, or when curves in the lamp shade, sofa, and side table complement one another, it establishes a sense of unity and balance in the room. This approach not only ties the elements together but also enhances the overall aesthetic by creating a coherent and thoughtful design scheme. If you continue to apply this principle, your space will likely feel both cohesive and inviting.


I hope you find this post inspiring and helpful. If any of the design pieces catch your eye, I would love to hear your thoughts! Stay tuned for next month's Cheekis Edit.

Caio, Stephanie


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