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I come from a Greek American background where the traditions and culture of my upbringing lead to my appreciation of travel, language and art.  

I attended the prestigious Harrington College of Design (now part of Columbia University) in Chicago and then went on to work in the Chicago Interior Design and Architecture industry for 9 years.


After that, my passion for travel and culture lead me to Australia where I worked in Commercial Interiors and workplace design for 3 more years. 

In 2019, I relocated to Berlin, Germany to expand my cultural knowledge, create new experiences as well as develop my design and photography portfolio.


I have a YouTube Channel called Cheekis Culture where I discuss my expat lifestyle as well as feature moments from my international travels. I hope my words can educate and inspire others to travel, embrace or learn a new language or simply try something outside of their comfort zone. 

Stephanie Tselekis

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