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Remote Design


Discover the convenience and flexibility of Cheekis Interiors' Virtual Interior Design Services—an efficient alternative to our traditional full-service projects. Ideal for clients who prefer an approach that can be adapted to their lifestyle and executed on their own terms.

What We


Mood Board

Stephanie collaborates closely with you and/or your architect to scrutinise electrical plans, angles, and space planning, ensuring every detail aligns seamlessly with the ultimate goal, from optimising flow to perfecting the floor plan.


Furniture Selection

Cheekis Interiors curates a comprehensive selection of furnishings for your home, ranging from upholstery to dining chairs. Throughout the process, any heirloom or sentimental pieces you may have are seamlessly integrated, ensuring a personalized and cohesive design.


Video Walkthrough

Stephanie adds the finishing touches to elevate your design and narrate your story; she considers it the cherry on top of your interior masterpiece.


Space Plan & Elevations

Stephanie will assist you in selecting materials and strategically placing them for your interior/exterior, ensuring a beautiful and cohesive environment that enhances the overall aesthetic of your home.


Finishes Selections

Stephanie eliminates the guesswork involved in selecting all interior finishes, from hardwood to grout colour. She collaborates closely with you to sketch and meticulously choose every nitty-gritty detail, ensuring a cohesive and personalised design.

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