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 Full Service Interior Design


Elevate your home with Cheekis Interiors' luxury Full Service Interior Design. Stephanie offers a tailored, seamless journey to bring your dream home to life.

What We


Architectural Review

Cheekis Interiors collaborate with your architect or builder to meticulously review electrical plans, angles, and space layout, ensuring every detail aligns seamlessly with your vision, from overall flow to precise floor plans.


Furniture & Styling

Stephanie adds the final touches to elevate your design and narrate your unique story; it's the cherry on top of your personalised masterpiece.


Project Management

Stephanie guarantees organisation, coordination, and oversight of all aspects of an interior design project to ensure its successful completion within scope, budget, and timeline constraints.


Interior Design

Stephanie eliminates the guesswork from selecting interior finishes, from hardwood to grout colour. She'll collaborate with you to sketch and choose every nitty-gritty detail, ensuring a cohesive and personalised design.


1:1 Consultations

Cheekis Interiors will curate all the furnishings your home needs, from upholstery to dining chairs, seamlessly incorporating any heirloom or sentimental pieces you treasure along the way.


Turnkey Installation

Stephanie will manage every detail of the process from beginning to end, ensuring organization, timeliness, and smooth progress every step of the way.

Stephanie has exciting ideas, good client skills and came up with unique combinations of art and furnishings that are specialized to our home. Her tastes are varied, and for us she mixed iconic pieces, art, unique & funky elements, furniture we already had and colors/fabrics/wallpapers that pulled it all together. The interiors she creates are warm and artistic. She’s also a joy to be around and makes the experience fun and rewarding!

Melinda Wright

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