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Event Recap: Highlights from Day 1 of "3 Days of Design"

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Attending 3 Days of Design festival in Copenhagen, Denmark as a designer can be an inspiring and enriching experience. Here's a recap of what a I saw and enjoyed during Day 1 of the interior design festival:

Day 1: First stop - Fredericia

I started the day with a nice cup of coffee at Fredericia. Founded in 1911, the company has a long history of producing high-quality, design-forward furniture with a focus on craftsmanship and sustainable materials.

Fredericia furniture is celebrated for its ability to create furniture that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional, making it a popular choice for residential and commercial spaces alike. Their pieces embody the essence of Danish design, characterized by clean lines, organic forms, and exceptional craftsmanship.


As I walked through the multi-floor showroom, I admired many furniture designs that I could envision specifying for both residential or commercial projects. However, I specifically loved these two NEW furniture designs by danish designer, Maria Brunn.

Islets Dining Table & Pioneer Stool (2023 Design)

The Pioneer stool was so comfortable! It comes in various seat heights and it is also stackable! The ability to stack chairs or stools is often a high priority for commercial or hospitality spaces. I was a fan of the Chocolate seat upholstery as well.

Another 2023 design that caught my attention in both function and color was the

After Fredericia, I made stops to the following:

2. Muuto


Next Stop: Umage

I was non stop all morning so I needed a little rest! I enjoyed a lovely and complimentary 1 hour boat ride through Copenhagen before heading to the next showroom exhibit, Umage.

I wasn't familiar with Umage personally until this trip. They offered a great showroom tour as well as a talk about their new products and upholstery options.

Umage, formerly known as Vita Copenhagen, is a Danish furniture and lighting company that specializes in creating innovative and contemporary designs with a focus on sustainability. Founded in 2008 by Søren Ravn Christensen, Umage aims to combine aesthetics, simplicity, and functionality in their products while minimizing their environmental impact.

The brand offers a diverse range of furniture and lighting solutions for residential and commercial spaces. Their product portfolio includes pendant lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers, as well as chairs, tables, and storage units. Their designs often feature clean lines, organic shapes, and natural materials, reflecting the Scandinavian design ethos.

Two of my favorites include...


Next Stop: New Mags

New Mags is an independent publishing and lifestyle store based in Copenhagen, Denmark. They offer a curated selection of books, magazines, and lifestyle products that celebrate design, art, fashion, photography, architecture, and more. I was itching to buy every book!

In addition to books and magazines, New Mags also offers lifestyle products such as stationery, home accessories, and gifts. These items are often selected to complement the themes and interests reflected in their publication offerings.

If you are interested in design, art, fashion, or any other creative field, exploring the offerings at New Mags can provide a source of inspiration and knowledge.


Considering, I skipped lunch I was desperate for a quality dinner. I joined a new friend for dinner at Barr.

Barr is known for its innovative and contemporary approach to Nordic cuisine, with a particular focus on traditional and historical ingredients. Everything I ate was delicious! I was so tired and starved that I didn't take photos of every meal but I did order the following:

ROSÉ - FRANK CORNELISSEN, SUSUCARU 2022 130/650 Sicily, Italy Malvasia, Moscadella, Cattaratto, Nerello Mascalese


Whisky butter, and grilled lemon

SUMMER BEANS AS A SALAD ( Image Above....Best bean salad I have ever had!)

Smoked cheese, roasted pumpkin seeds and “blackcurrant bush”


Radish, horseradish, and lovage (Image Above)

DEER BACK ON THE BONE (FOR 2) 150 pr. 100g variable size and until sold out.

Green asparagus and aromatic pepper sauce

The interior was warm and inviting. Whether you are a food enthusiast, a fan of Nordic cuisine, or simply seeking a memorable dining experience in Copenhagen, Barr Restaurant offers a unique and contemporary interpretation of traditional flavors, creating a culinary journey that celebrates the rich gastronomic heritage of the Nordic region.

Book a reservation in advance!


I hope you enjoyed reading the recap for Day 1. Stay Tuned for DAY 2 of #3daysofdesign

-Ciao, Stephanie


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