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5 Stylish Design Furnishings I Added to My Own Home!

Just before my move from Europe to Australia, I carefully selected a few items that I knew would bring joy and functionality to my future home. Each piece was chosen with versatility in mind, allowing me to imagine them seamlessly fitting into various rooms and adapting to different styles. Taking into account my daily rituals, such as savoring morning coffee or sharing bedtime stories with my son, guided my choices.

  1. Artwork by Danish artist, Natasja Lykke

  2. Panthella 160 Portable Lamp by Louise Paulsen

  3. Hai Lounge chair & ottomam by Hem

  4. Greek coffee cup & saucer by Epalladio Art Workshop (Available Soon on

  5. Jazz candleholder by Karakter

My commitment to supporting artisanal craftsmanship led me to acquire a charming coffee cup and saucer from Epalladio Art Workshop, known for their exquisite ceramics handcrafted in Crete, Greece. These unique pieces, including others, will soon be available on

The Louis Poulsen portable lamp, with its gentle illumination and three settings, is perfect for my son's bedroom, creating a cozy ambiance for bedtime stories and quiet reading sessions.

As for the armchair and ottoman from Hem, their plush comfort provides the ideal retreat for long phone calls or relaxing moments with my toddler. Whether curled up together or enjoying some alone time, this cozy corner has become a cherished spot in our home.

More to come for next months edit...

Caio, Stephanie



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