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Fall into Comfort: 8 Cozy Interior Updates for Autumn in Australia

Embrace the cozy nesting phase this autumn, no matter where you are. Join me, a mom-to-be in my third trimester, as I find inspiration in Pierre Frey wallpaper for this month's design edit.

While I immerse myself in the season, I still crave a Mediterranean moment. That's why I always keep a bottle of Diptyque's Philosykos eau de toilette on hand. Its scent is an ode to the fig tree, evoking memories of wandering through a wild grove under the blazing Greek sun.

Though I've given up coffee during my pregnancy, I've found solace in homemade iced matcha lattes. And for serving them up, I rely on these cold cups and straws from Within Mood, my go-to glassware.

  1. Pierre Frey Wallpaper

  2. Within Mood Cold Cups

  3. Beni Rugs Boundaries Rug

  4. Hein Studio Canyon Vase (Will be available in late 2024 on

  5. Rachel Donath Vivi Coffee Table

  6. Sarah Ellison Huggy Swivel Chair

  7. Lumina Flo Lounge Floor Lamp

My designs often feature a common theme: layers of natural textures and an organic, earthy color palette. From the oak coffee table to the 100% wool rug, each item is chosen for its ability to endure and age beautifully over time.

Which item do you find the coziest? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Stay tuned for next month's edit!

Caio, Stephanie


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